When you enter my domain, you enter the world of your fantasies, where your wildest and darkest dreams can come true.

There is no "standard session."  I design our playtime based on your desires and mine. Some of the activities I offer are listed at the right.

Yes, I am the dominant, but if you don't enjoy your torment, I won't either, and I cannot read your mind. So please, when you contact me, tell me about your experience and interests in as much detail as you can muster.

My interest in BDSM began with spanking, and I love disciplinary scenes from light to severe.

I also dearly love CBT. I enjoy using rope, clamps, clothespins, whips and my violet wand to torment you, and especially to intersperse that torment with enough pleasure to create a mind-blowing experience.

I am experienced with a strap-on and especially enjoy slow anal stretching.

I have considerable experience with roleplay, and not only the typical "naughty nurse," "sadistic schoolteacher" or "evil neighbor" (although those are classics for good reason). I have found an unusual niche among geeky submissives. How many dommes can say they have played a scene in a Starfleet uniform or strapped a dildo to an inflatable Dalek?

Hard limits include needle play, branding, sounds, scat, breath play or anything with an incest theme. I'll be your evil neighbor or aunt but if I'm going to do anything other than spank you chastely I won't be your mommy.

Whatever your dark desires, I will create an environment for you that will make you feel safe and secure despite experiencing moments of fear and trepidation. Your body will quiver with anticipation of my next move. At its best, BDSM can evote a nearly drug-like state and can bring you intense self-awareness. I can't promise that will happen for everyone who enters my dungeon, but at the very least it will be one hell of a ride.


One hour: 250. Additional half hour: 100. Additional hour: 175.

**Discount opportunity: If you make a $50 advance deposit, the first hour is 200 and you bring 150 with you.

<--- A greedy little slut who wasn't satisfied with my biggest dildo. I filled a water bottle for him.

I will sometimes schedule a half hour session for 150 if I think your interests can be addressed in a short session. I will not do this if I think you will leave unsatisfied.

Special rate for foot worship only: 100 for the first 20 minutes, 30 for each additional 20 minutes.

A session at your home or hotel may require additional tribute, depending on the location. I am willing to travel, but bear in mind that I can bring only a small sample of my toys.

I always set aside time before and after a session to allow time for preparation, discussion and cleanup. We can usually enjoy a glass of wine while we get to know one another at no extra charge. More extended social time is also free of charge if you book a session of at least 90 minutes.