Welcome to my world. I am an ordinary suburbanite with an extraordinary second life as a dominatrix. I'm the midnight mistress, the professional woman with a kinky secret, the pro dommDomina Alexandrae next door, the sexy sadist you never suspected had implements of sensual torture in her Northern Virginia basement.  Enter my domain, where fantasies are celebrated and fulfilled, naughty boys are punished, and what you secretly crave and simultaneously fear becomes flesh in the erotically charged envronment of my dungeon in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

I have always been fascinated by the power and diversity of human sexuality (not to mention just plain voracious). I am a deeply sensual being with a thirst for adventure, and I have been active in alternative sexuality communities for most of my adult life. I am highly educated (advanced degree) in the "vanilla" world and very well read when it comes to my true area of interest. I became especially interested in BDSM in my early thirties and it has been an incredible journey.

I have played as a switch, so I not only have immersed myself in classes and learned from experts, I have experienced personally much of what I do as a domme. But technique is only part of the picture. I savor getting inside your head and turning your darkest secrets into an exciting scene.Mistress Alexandra's feet

I am not a typical pro domme, if there is such a thing. I have never made my passion a full-time job. I am not in "character" 24/7, although I DO play in my private life ... indeed, one reason I do this is to justify having a fabulous playroom for my own use! I love my playtime, and have no desire to turn it into a routine by booking sessions Your mistress is well endowedevery day.  However, I do not have a regular office job and my schedule is flexible, especially with some advance notice.

I am a commanding, mature woman with considerable physical presence. But I am not limited to one default position. I can be an imperious, vicious sadist; a queen demanding worship; or a playful, sensual demon who giggles as she teases you. It all depends on my mood, your desires and what side of my complex personality your presence invokes.

I am middle aged, old enough to evoke authority or perhaps a maternal air if you are young enough. stand 5-7 (although I look taller, especially in heels), and have curly brown hair. My body is voluptuous, bra size 40D with no artificial ingredients. I think "full figured" is appropriate, but I'm not large enough to be considered a "BBW." I wear size 10 shoes and my toes are always manicured.